On second thought, let’s not go to BCA. It is a silly place.


Doug Phillips believes that women should not be allowed to vote. But if female members of his church have the audacity to try, he will treat them with great cruelty if they dare to disagree with his choice of candidates.


Now is the time

morpheus-doug-phillips doug-phillips-wolf

There has never been a better time than now to come forward and expose Doug Phillips’ tyranny and abuses at BCA and Vision Forum. Being exposed for his marital infidelity and monetary fraud has left him naked under the public eye, and therefore unable to carry out the vengeance he has threatened against anyone who dares to stand up to him. Don’t be afraid of retribution from him, or from God for that matter. You won’t be committing the sin of gossip; you will be doing an invaluably good deed that is pleasing to God by tearing the sheepskin off of this wolf. Don’t be afraid of rejection by the body of Christ. You have many friends (though you don’t yet know them)  who are listening and waiting eagerly to minister encouragement and healing to you. Tell the story anonymously through a mediator, if you wish. Just please tell it. It is far too valuable to be kept hidden away.