Won’t You Be My Neighbor

Doug-Phillips- Rogers

Doug Phillips ran into one of his neighbors at a coffee shop. This is the friendly gesture he greeted her with.


On second thought, let’s not go to BCA. It is a silly place.


Doug Phillips believes that women should not be allowed to vote. But if female members of his church have the audacity to try, he will treat them with great cruelty if they dare to disagree with his choice of candidates.

Now is the time

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There has never been a better time than now to come forward and expose Doug Phillips’ tyranny and abuses at BCA and Vision Forum. Being exposed for his marital infidelity and monetary fraud has left him naked under the public eye, and therefore unable to carry out the vengeance he has threatened against anyone who dares to stand up to him. Don’t be afraid of retribution from him, or from God for that matter. You won’t be committing the sin of gossip; you will be doing an invaluably good deed that is pleasing to God by tearing the sheepskin off of this wolf. Don’t be afraid of rejection by the body of Christ. You have many friends (though you don’t yet know them)  who are listening and waiting eagerly to minister encouragement and healing to you. Tell the story anonymously through a mediator, if you wish. Just please tell it. It is far too valuable to be kept hidden away.

A Cult Leader Destroys Himself, Yet His Followers Remain Under His Influence

CHEF, a Missouri-based home school organization with a large membership, pleads with members to contribute generously toward “a special care package” for Doug Phillips and family.

Dear Families,

As many of you know by now, on October 30, Doug Philips resigned from Vision Forum, with Vision Forum Ministries dissolving on November 11. Like most of you, we are deeply grieved over this tragedy. On behalf of Doug, we would like to say that in all our years of leadership, we have never known another man with such a brilliant mind, clear reasoning, great wisdom, passion for God’s Word, courage and fortitude in fighting for the family, an innovative mind in creating tools for equipping families for the cultural battle, and who possessed a genuine love for his family. Nor have we known another man who has produced so much fruit for God’s kingdom. Just think of all the fruit Doug created and spearheaded. It is truly phenomenal! He deeply cared for the flock and labored continuously to feed the flock God’s best. He protected many from continuing in their sin of neglecting their duty as fathers, mothers, and children. He fed; he fed; he fed. He took God’s people to the choicest of pastures and the purest of waters. He elevated their sights to the heavenly throne of God and labored to keep them there. Doug had been given a vision and mission from God.

Doug was clearly raised up for such a time as this. He was our hero—the man who could lead us to victory through this horrific war. We revered him, loved him, and cheered him on. He was family.    Furthermore, in all the years we worked with Doug, we have never known another man who adhered to such high standards in keeping himself above reproach. He always traveled with his family, or at least one of his children, and surrounded himself with interns and staff. Doug told us that he went so far as to refrain from entering an elevator alone with a woman. So you may wonder, with all this protection, how did this great sin occur?

From our study of history, we know that the enemy always works at destroying the very thing that leaders boldly proclaim—the very principles upon which the fortress is built— and like a lion ferociously devours his prey.    Doug built his ministry on Christian marriage, Christian patriarchy, the Christian family, virtuous boyhood, virtuous manhood, virtuous womanhood, virtuous families. Boldly engaging in the cultural battle for the family, Doug was winning victory after victory, so naturally, the foundational truths upon which the ministry was built was the area that Satan must destroy.

Everyone knows that the best strategy for winning a war is to concentrate all efforts against the leaders of the battle. You simply take out the generals, the captains, the colonels—those who lead the fight—and you demoralize the troops to the point of total defeat.

Doug Phillips was the general in the homeschooling community. He led the battles, so it comes as no surprise that Satan pointed his biggest guns against him—to silence the voice of hope and destroy the heart and soul of the ministry. Although God is mightier than Satan, we must never underestimate the power of the enemy and the endless legions he has for fighting his battles. Although the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church, leaders always suffer heavy losses because they are in the forefront of the battle for life.

So if God is greater than the enemy, why did He give Satan permission to sift him and allow this to happen?

-John and Candy Summers

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